What’s in Your Backpack: Cole’s Antibiotics

The What’s in Your Backpack series has always been quite interesting to me. Despite the small number of posts I’ve found that people generally love or can’t leave home without similar things. The big ones tend to be headphones, speakers, and a journal. As any traveller will tell you these things are fairly necessary when dealing with long bus rides loud dorm rooms! However, upon asking Cole from Wisconsin I didn’t receive any of the typical answers that I’ve come to expect. Upon asking him what he didn’t leave home without he quickly responded that he couldn’t imagine travelling without his drugs…and of course we’re talking about prescription medication!

I had a good laugh at this, and figured, “Hey I sometimes carry some general antibiotics, not a bad choice”. I figured a general small bottle, JUST in case I’m somewhere with no pharmacies nearby and I am in a bad way. I failed to realize however the extent of Cole’s range of treatments and prescription medication! To quote the beautiful man himself, “Everything from Diarrhea to STDs and everything in between!…Kind of makes you invincible!” And with an arsenal the likes of Cole’s I can definitely understand why!


So proud.

So proud.

I have to say, I’ve never seen a walking pharmacy as to likes of what Cole keeps in his backpack. Let’s call it an insurance plan for a travel experience that knows very little boundaries, because hey, it’s always better safe than sorry!

So What’s in Cole’s Backpack: Aisle 4 of Shoppers Drug Mart

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