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The What’s in Your Backpack series has always been quite interesting to me. Despite the small number of posts I’ve found that people generally love or can’t leave home without similar things. The big ones tend to be headphones, speakers, and a journal. As any traveller will tell you these things are fairly necessary when dealing with long bus rides loud dorm rooms! However, upon asking Cole from Wisconsin I didn’t receive… Read More

When you decide to take that leap to book a plane ticket and venture off towards a new place and a new environment, it’s so easy to get caught in the chaos and pure visceral experience of it all, that it seems to sometimes fade away in a blur. Sure you’ve got you Iphone or a camera to capture those picturesque moments but although a picture can ‘say a thousand words’ it… Read More

It’s been quite a pleasure asking people what they find most valuable to travel with in their backpack. I find everything between simple travel essentials to more personal travel pieces that hold a sentimental value. This weeks’ piece is on a beautiful German man named Lassie (or Lasse), either way I couldn’t pronounce it properly and he said that it made his name sound like “that dog”, so I simply called him… Read More

It seems a common trait that the characters you tend to meet travelling have interesting tales to share, a quirky attitude, or just a different perspective on how they choose to live their life – Remi is no exception to this rule. I have no idea how old he is, but I’m assuming it’s somewhere in his mid-late thirties and he has wacky travel experiences and plans for all over the world…. Read More

I’ll start by saying that Rose is perhaps one of the best backpack packers I’ve ever seen. Every item is either in a stuff sack, a travel case, or some other handy form of compartmentalization. While I dump my bag all over the floor of our quaint guesthouse room and have to search for every item I need at the time, Rose always knows exactly where everything she brought is, and can… Read More