On The Road Again

It has been nearly a year since I last had the acute feeling of jetlag coupled with the immense excitement of arriving in a new destination and surrounding myself with the unfamiliarities that come with a foreign country. This time it’s a 34-hour tour that includes a 13-hour flight to Abu Dhabi (coupled with a 7-hour layover), a 7-hour trek to Jakarta, and a quick hop over to Denpasar. Arriving 2 days later in Bali, Indonesia.

Now I’ve heard the rants for, and against Bali. The unfortunate truth is that yes, parts of Bali have become swallowed by the “Tourist Trap”, but there are still many parts of the island where you can find a truly authentic, uncrowded experience, and I intend to find it.

Once that plane ticket has been purchased, a month long wait can feel like forever, longing for each day to whiz by, until you’re on the ground and wishing it would simply stand still. I’ve got a month to tie off any loose ends with my job, spend some time with family and friends, and simply enjoy the comforts of home before venturing off one-way to Bali, Indonesia.

I’ll be writing multiple times weekly, so keep posted for my findings of beautiful places, beautiful people, and beautiful beards.


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