Saturday Scruff: The Transformation

For a handful of men a beard is something of genuine pride. Sure the first week or two is chalked up to laziness, but once that 14-day mark has been passed you become attached to the slowly growing mass of hair on your face… at least, I do. Whether it’s the growing sense of manliness, the slow mystery that surrounds your face, or the fact that you seem just a little more laid-back that your clean-shaven bredren, a beard becomes more and more difficult to shave the longer you have it.

IMG_0919For me, after 2 and a half months of growing my reddish-orange beard, I decided that I wanted to have a fresh start before taking off for SE Asia. However, I couldn’t bring myself to be clean shaven, to not even have the slightest chin curtain, cookie duster, or lip sweater. So I decided even though it’s just over a month away from November I would dabble is a good ol’ fashion lip foliage of my own.

Happy Saturday Scruff!

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