Life’s a Beach


I like to consider myself and advocator for planning out a lavish backcountry camping trip, complete with sites, route lengths, meals and consistently checking the weather to see what else needs to be packed. However, I took a drive up through Lake Superior Provincial Park just south of Wawa and learned that often times the least planned or prepared trips have the best impact on your overall experience. I arrived at 2:30am in the morning and shared a moment in the rain with someone I’d been missing dearly. We decided that it was best to try and camp on the beach, so off we went, 15 minutes South of Wawa to Sandy Beach. Unfortunately it really was still raining, but that didn’t stop us from pitching the tent underneath an awning designed as a station where multiple boards detailed the historical significance of the beach. We slept soundly listening to the rain dance on top of the aluminum roof and the wind sweep through the thin tent fabric.

IMG_0832We awoke around 9am with no plans in sight and decided it was best decided over a big greasy breakfast. We found the only place open on Canada Day and looked through touristy pamphlets until we decided we should try some kayaking on Lake Superior. The only problem, it was 12 degrees and raining – not the best weather for a casual kayak ride on Superior. After driving to the Kayak shop only to realize our ridiculousness we decided that we should just camp on the beach. So back we went to our sandy shores, where we set up the small green tent and simply relaxed the day away.

A tent is a funny thing. Really, it’s an incredibly thin piece of fabric that servIMG_0833es as a portable home that could likely be cut with a butter knife. However, the sense of security, and often comfort that tents can create are quite remarkable. With the waves crashing 15 feet away, and the sounds of light rain coming and going, it truly was a good place to be. After cooking a delicious pasta with mixed summer sausage we decided to check out Wawa’s annual fireworks show. Now, while the aftermath of the fireworks is the reason for Wawa’s government deficit, the show is very compelling.

We decided that we’d try another beach out for the night, this one called “Driftwood Beach”. While it was a bit of a spooky ride in, you learn that all you really need for a good camping trip is a good attitude, and we definitely had those.

It was a last minute, unplanned, rainy, and beautiful couple of days that couldn’t have been spent any better.

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