Scruff – A Little Ginger Goes A Long Way



Being a fellow-ginger bearded man myself I’m quickly likened to any man, or men, that grow out the reddish-orange spectacle of facial hair that is a beard. Let’s begin with Luke (left). Luke’s auburn chin-tickler has been on & off since he was 16. I suppose once he realized that not only does facial hair hide the soft-skinned flesh of childhood insecurity, and create an image of man as man was intended to be, that there was no need to every really be clean-shaven again. While it certainly has is growth stints, Luke opts to give it a bit of a trim (hedge trimmers I’m assuming) when he makes the trek back to the UK to visit his mom. This little number is on month 5 and sees no signs of slowly down. Not only does Luke’s beard create an air of idyllic thought, and a look of constant intrigue, but it also sits on the face of one of the nicest guys you could have a conversation with.



And Tristan (right). While his pumpkin-coloured masterpiece deserves every ounce of respect, between being awestruck that the two of them sat side-by-side, and enjoying the company of a few other travellers I never had the chance to ask him anything about his beard. My only true reference to the nature of this man is that the first time I saw him he was rolling down the main strip of Kuta, Lombok with a low-seated chopper like motorcycle (which could be head about a kilometre away), beard pointed to the sky, and a lit cigarette in his mouth – a man after my own heart.

I had begun to realize that my Of Backpacks & Beards title was a little misleading, as I never really do write anything about beards, and opt to simply adore from afar. However, that all changed when these two bearded brothers decided to sit side-by-side across the table from myself. These men offer a true sentiment to ginger-beards everywhere, and just one glimpse of their facial deities is enough to let you see the true nature of your very soul. Keep em’ coming boys, cheers.

One Comment on “Scruff – A Little Ginger Goes A Long Way

  1. Enjoying your travels along with you!. Check every day to see what you are up to. 🙂


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