Why East Africa Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Let’s face it. The world is becoming smaller each and every day, with a new generation hungry to see the world that value experience over earnings. While major travel destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia, and much of Europe are amazing places to see and to experience, they are slowly becoming bogged down with the tourist trap. Slowly we are witnessing a steep rise in price, a local distain for tourism, and just tons of tourists (including yourself).

East Africa still remains a relatively untouched tourists paradise. Sure, you can take a $2,000 safari, go and visit a fake slum, or stay at some fancy places, but it’s so easy to really integrate locally here. Cheap markets, cheap guesthouses, there is still a wonderous sense of genuine local integration that is slowly becoming lost in other parts of the world. You can relax on the coast, get lost in the winding alleys of Lamu, motorcycle taxi around Kampala, summit mountains, bike along beautiful rolling hills in Rwanda. There really is so much to do, and so much to see, from a genuinely (or as close to it) integrative perspective. You’re one of only a few tourists if you find the right locations and the feeling of vulnerability and sometimes uncomfort is what allows you to make such strong connections to a place or people when you do make them. So if you’re looking for you next travel destination, visit one of the last untouched places, East Africa.

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