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Let’s face it. The world is becoming smaller each and every day, with a new generation hungry to see the world that value experience over earnings. While major travel destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia, and much of Europe are amazing places to see and to experience, they are slowly becoming bogged down with the tourist trap. Slowly we are witnessing a steep rise in price, a local distain for tourism, and just… Read More

After a few days in Uganda we booked a bus taking us to Kisumu at 8:30pm. Since we booked the bus early in the afternoon we felt that we had ample time to relax at our hostel, send a few emails, and enjoy a cold Tusker or two. However, in a time span of what felt like an hour we rounded 7pm and realized that we were pushing it (often you need… Read More

1) When travelling zip of pants are always in style – hey, they’re pants….AND shorts 2) Learning how to say the word “no” in a foreign language goes a long way. 3) A travel pillow, it looks stupid but trust me, you stand out anyway 4) Imodium – 14 hour bus rides, not a risk I’m willing to take 5) A Journal – you’ll be happy you kept one when you look… Read More