It kind of just hit me. As I was cruising on the back of a Boda taking me back to my hostel I realized that I love this city. Maybe it’s the fact that the majority of people are more than happy to help you in any way, give you directions or even bargain for transport, or the fact the Boda drivers actually charge you the fair price, or the fact that… Read More

Upon arriving in Musanze, Rwanda and spending a few hours around town I quickly learned that sometimes you need somewhere more than it needs you. The goal of this trip from Kigali was to meet a potential development partner and perhaps find or create a small scale community requested development project that our team could help to facilitate. We arrived with a very vague idea of some of the projects that had… Read More

So I’ve finally arrived in Rwanda after the longest 4 days I’ve had in a long time. after 23 hours of flying I landed safely in Kenya, where I quickly paid for my visa ($50 USD) and grabbed a taxi to Nairobi International Youth Hostel where I found Kate (my co) and Sabrina (my trip leader last year). The little room they had booked had 4 beds, and 4 guests, so I… Read More

Travelling by plane is easily one of the most relaxing ways to travel. A choice of about 100 movies & shows, relatively comfortable seats and service, and just about 8-10 hours to relax, write, and sleep. However, airports are certainly the downfall to this form of travel. Everyone seems to be constantly on edge, always a little bit rushed, and constantly questioning every subtle episode. My day of flying started no differently…. Read More

Why does someone choose to travel? Whether it’s across the world or an hours drive, the reasons for travelling are subjective to each person. For some, travelling can be a means to see the beauty of the world, learn a new culture, perhaps it’s to grow as a person and foster independence. While everyones traveling formula contains bits of pieces of reasons to go I feel as though everyone travels to make… Read More