Cheapest Way to Book a Flight – Shoestring Guide


So you’ve decided that you want to backpack. Easy. Done. You’re going to love it.

But deciding is only the first step. It’s the planting of the seeds. But as well all know, without the loving care of the gardener providing water and making sure there isn’t too much sun nothing will grow! Of course, the next logical step is to buy your plane ticket!

Where are ya headed?

Where are ya headed?

1) Start to get an idea of average prices for the place you’re booking

Over the span of a week or so just check in, take a look at the round-trip price versus the direct flight. Take a look at the price of airports nearby. Even in neighboring countries. Always consider the fact that once you’re on the ground the cost of buses and local trains are incredibly cheap in comparison to that plane ticket, always keep your travel plans loose so you can jump on awesome deals that come along.

All the places you will go!

All the places you will go!

Google Flights is a great way to see flights from one airport to many different destinations in a single glance. It also allows the option of flexible dates, meaning you can see what day of the week is the cheapest to travel on

2) Compare Multiple Travel Sites

Although Google Flights offers a great perspective it rarely is the cheapest place to book.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-13-28-pm

I have fairly consistently booked with Flight Hub and Cheapo Air. Flight hub has an awesome user interface that also allows you to choose between flexible dates. And for some reason, it just always seems to be a little bit cheaper… even if it’s only $20. Every country is subjective, so be sure to use them all.

Websites such as will compare a whole bunch of different travel sites for your convenience. But as you’ll see, Flight Hub and Cheapo Air always seem to take the cake.

3) Book Your Flight

So, you’ll meet many people that have their own version of what I’m about to write. For me, Tuesday has always been my go to date, over my years of travelling it’s always just seemed to be that day the comes in that much cheaper, it’s not the start of the “work” week, where businesses are looking at tickets, it’s not even the middle hump where people are just in a slump searching travel sites, and it’s not the last-minute Friday rush. It’s Tuesday, and it’s that best day I’ve found.’

Well, now you’re all set. You’ve decided you’re going somewhere, and you now have a plane ticket to validate this claim. Start your researching (but leave some up to the imagination), pack your rucksack, kiss your family and friends goodbye, and go embark on whatever it is you’re gunning for!

2 Comments on “Cheapest Way to Book a Flight – Shoestring Guide

  1. Thanks for the info Tyler, and it is timely because I woke up this morning remembering your birth and all the joy we shared that day with your Mom and Dad and Brenda and Dave. I am proud of the man you are and enjoy your writings. Happy Birthday, enjoy your day, love you, Nan


  2. Hello Tyler,
    Love it, you have the calling of a very exceptional writer. While travelling take time to keep writing .
    It always puts a smile on my face when i see an article from you ,
    Happy travelling and be safe


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