Tuesday’s Travel Tip – Embrace Adaptability

Tuesday’s Travel Tip – Work With What You Have

As I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll likely mention again, it’s in our human nature to want to be prepared. We want to have the gear, the education, the training, or the experience to tackle new obstacles. We research and catch up on current affairs of any place we wish to travel. And while obvious due diligence is necessary when travelling anywhere new, it should be limited to making sure you’re travelling in relatively safe areas. Beyond that, the only other preparation should be one of the mind.

IMG_0167Our ability to adapt, as human beings is perhaps our greatest asset. Not only are we physically able to adapt to changing environment and social situations, but we’re able to mentally adapt to a changing socioeconomic atmosphere, able to adapt to loss and love, able to adapt to a constantly changing environment. However, as we grow into routine and our base of actions becomes familiar we no longer need to adapt as frequently. Travelling provides the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and test your own innate adaptability.

I’m not saying to come with nothing and in true ‘Survivorman’ style and try and make things work. I’m simply saying that one should come prepared with the essentials and a mind that is open to changing environments, different social dynamics, and having new refreshing experiences. So, simply work with what you have and let the rest fall into place!

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