Siem and Reap – What To Do Besides Angkor Wat

Siem and Reap – What To Do Besides Angkor Wat

Although it was tough to say goodbye we knew we eventually had to leave Otres Beach and make our way through the rest of the beautiful country of Cambodia. Specifically, heading straight to Phnom Penh to spend a night and check out some memorials around the city. Then quickly catching the next morning bus to Siem Reap to check out Pub Street and view the marvel of Angkor Wat.

Siem Reap

Arriving early in the morning in Siem Reap offered quite a pleasant impression of the city. A place that has dealt and catered well with the ever growing number of visitors wanting to catch of glimpse of the ancient Khmer empire. As we were there in the high season it took a few tries before finding accommodation, but of course there is always room somewhere and we were able to find a spot for $6-8/night (depending on the season you travel) just off the main strip.

What To Do

  1. IMG_0528

    Kebab’s All Day

    Pub Street – So Siem Reap has essentially sought to create a similar atmosphere to that of Koh San Road in Bangkok, Thailanda mass of bars, street vendors, cool trinket shops, massage stalls and plenty of Karaoke. However, unlike Koh San Road Pub Street still has a maintained and positive charm about it. It’s easy to spend your nights out under the swath of lanterns that line the street and then wake up early to explore the mystery of Angkor Wat.

  2. Day/Night Market – Siem Reap is actually a great place to pick up some of those classic South East Asian textiles and trinkets. During the day a massive marketplace is running from sunrise to sunset. During the night Pub Street blocks off traffic and a variety of vendors line the streets to offer cheap food, comfortable clothing, and fairly fashionable jewelry.
  3. ANGKOR WAT (Naturally) – Click Here for “One Day Through Angkor Wat”
  4. Late Night Foot Massages

    Late Night Foot Massages

    Get a Happy Hour massage from 5pm to 7pm – yes that’s right, it’s not just drinks that go on special. For $1 enjoy a 30-minute foot massage or for $3 enjoy a full back massage in an air-conditioned room with a free beer. If people rubbing your feet isn’t your fancy you could always try a fish massage and have your dead skin go towards a noble cause – hungry foot suckers.

Where to Stay

Pub Street or the Psar Chaa area, and the surrounding alleys are typically the best place to find somewhere to rest your head. There is a large variety of guesthouses, hostels, hotels, and boutique accommodations that line each strip on the canal as well. We decided to stay at the Royal Angkor Guesthouse for $7 USD/night. However, if you don’t mind a bit of a walk (or a bike ride – as some guesthouses provide these) the Sivatha Street Area, and the Wat Bo area are great options for accommodation as well.

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