Scruff – Flo’s Mane

When it’s about 3am and you’re wandering around Otres Beach in Cambodia looking for something to quench that thirst, anyone who’s anyone knows anything heads to the little mushroom hut of Shin. During the day this little place serves up delicious sashimi and sushi and at night it serves as the last stop on a drinking run. Not only are the drinks relatively cheap, the atmosphere vibrant, BUT you’re greeted and served by the one and one Flo.

This funny Swedish superstar can always bring a smile to your face with a smile of his own that is encompassed by a mass beard that he’s been growing for five months. It’s untrimmed, undyed, and untainted by a comb or a braid – it’s simply left as is and it’s beautiful. Flo has been living and working in Otres simply because it’d be difficult to find a better place or community of people to settle in with. His beard is an inspiration to us all that if we choose, we too can let it all go and create an amazing ‘flow’ of a beard.

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