Tuesdays Travel Tip – Keep in Touch

Keep in touch, it’s simple. Send a quick email, use Facebook messenger, hop on skype for 20 minutes, or send a text with Imessage. When travelling you’re constantly being overwhelmed by new sensations, experiences, and things to do that the down time required to type a small message seems unavailable. However, as any traveller should know life isn’t always go go go and the time is usually available – it’s often the means of connecting that are not.

Your buddies know you’re out having a time, and your family knows you’re doing something you’ve longed to do, or do all the time – but it shouldn’t distract from the meaning that comes from a personal message. In the rush of unfamiliarity and foreign discomfort there is nothing quite like seeing that familiar friendly place of someone that brings you that sense of home. Often, it’s difficult to discern the sentiment of missing that someone until you see their face, hear their voice, or read a personal message – and you feel great once you have that chance to just catch up.

Important Tip: Be steady, your first instinct is to begin listing of everything you’ve seen and done, that hilarious guy you met, that amazing sunrise summit, how cheap the place you’re staying is, but it can often lead to a one-sided conversation. Try and be conscious of this and really ask about how the other person is, what they’ve been up to (no matter how mundane in comparison!), and keep a genuine interest.

I’m probably the worst example when it comes to the importance of this because I rarely take the time to send personal emails or hop on Skype to have a one-on-one chat with family and friends, but I justify this to myself because I use this blog as a means to let those who care read about what I’m doing. But it shouldn’t be one-way.

So if you’re travelling abroad or somewhere away from those you love, take few minutes and send them a little message, I guarantee you’ll brighten their day and yours!

One Comment on “Tuesdays Travel Tip – Keep in Touch

  1. Your blog is the perfect way to keep us reassured that you are being safe, as well as reminding us to live each day doing what makes us happy and fullfilled.


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