Nairobi Nairobi

After having spent some time in Nairobi it’s wild nature seems to have become somewhat normal to me. However, when picking up 13 participants for our East Africa trip and walking them through the city it becomes suddenly clear again just how wild this city can be. I suppose the most appropriate phase I heard today would be “anything goes!” Is true, you can accumulate essentially anything you need simply just walking down the road. Side stands selling mangoes, clothing, dress shoes, sandals, towels, rice, jewelry. Cars, mutatu’s, and public buses squeezing in any pocket available regardless of lines, a constant slow moving blur of colours and sounds. Yells, hawking, begging, bustling, the city of Nairobi is truly a remarkable place.

From travelling around the streets with one other to leading a group of people I suddenly started to feel more at home with this city. We had a discussion this afternoon about what it meant to be a local, what constitutes being a local, and the connotations that come with these thoughts. However, Far from being a local I feel quite a home in this city that used to feel so distant from me.

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