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For the first time, instead of braving the 2-day bus from Kigali, Rwanda through Tanzania I decided to head into Uganda; a country I highly praise but have never fully explored. I’ve been to Kampala and walked its city streets, been to Jinja and ragged the Nile but that had been it. So I booked a ticket for Kabale. At first glance is appears as just a small town surrounded by a… Read More

After a few days in Uganda we booked a bus taking us to Kisumu at 8:30pm. Since we booked the bus early in the afternoon we felt that we had ample time to relax at our hostel, send a few emails, and enjoy a cold Tusker or two. However, in a time span of what felt like an hour we rounded 7pm and realized that we were pushing it (often you need… Read More

Sitting down enjoying a cold Tusker I was approached by a Ugandan man named Michael. He took one look at my hair and immediately decided that I should have some dreads. Apparently he’s the best in the business and my shoulder length hair was ready to take its next step. After countless excuses for why I didn’t want the dreads including the fact that they’d be short little sticks, I didn’t have… Read More

It kind of just hit me. As I was cruising on the back of a Boda taking me back to my hostel I realized that I love this city. Maybe it’s the fact that the majority of people are more than happy to help you in any way, give you directions or even bargain for transport, or the fact the Boda drivers actually charge you the fair price, or the fact that… Read More