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When you first step off plane embarking on your first big travel adventure you’re usually heading to baggage claim to grab you 65L+ bag to lug it around with you wherever you go. Sitting at home before you head out you take a look into the necessities for each country and pack consciously – some warm clothes for Northern Thailand, some swim gear for Southern South East Asia, a rain jacket if… Read More

If you speak English you’re in luck, since about anywhere in the world you choose to travel will feature a population that understands some basic English. It seems to be a central language, especially when travelling. However, just because many cultures have adapted and learnt enough English to get by, doesn’t mean that you have no need to learn theirs. It’s clear to see in any country you’re travelling if you learn… Read More

While this may relate to my last post I felt a further mention was needed in Tuesdays Travel Tip to really hammer home the benefits of keeping your plans to a minimum. While you may feel a prick of panic knowing you have 30 days to explore a new country or re-visit one you’ve been before, and you want to completely maximize the valuable time you have there, it’s best to simply… Read More