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After spending a few days in Kuta, it’s easy to become drowned out by the mass tourist impact and consumer growth. We decided to grab a bike for a few weeks and head Northeast to Padangbai. Talking to an old Aussie man who’d been travelling back and forth to Bali for the last 22 years, we quickly became convinced that this is the place for us. The road from Kuta sticks closely… Read More

After taking the 8-hour night bus from Nairobi to Kilifi I jumped off and grabbed a Piki-Piki to reach Distant Relatives, which is now officially the nicest hostel I’ve been to. I pulled up to the gates at around 5:30am, set up my tent and quickly fell asleep. I woke up to the sounds of people moving around and I gathered there was something being built around me, so I went to… Read More